Guided Publishing Packages

"This book is a part of
a bigger plan for my business/ministry/career. I want to learn about the business side of writing. I’ve got a budget for ongoing marketing efforts, but I need a plan.”   
Publish in 60-90 Days 


  • Everything in Essential Package
  • Everything in Advantage Package
  • Marketing Consultation & Planning (approximately 2 hours)
  • Publishing Optimization (research keywords, categories, and communicate with Amazon to gain visibility)

 “I want my book available in as many places and formats as possible. I’ve got my own marketing plans to create demand for my book. ” 
Publish in 45-60 Days  


  • Everything in Essential Package
  • ISBN Assignment by MLStimpson Enterprises if desired*
    Available imprints:
    Read for Joy (Uplifting fiction)
    Edifying Reads (Inspirational or Christian non-fiction)
    Little Hands (Children’s books)
    US Copyright Registration
  • 100 Postcards (cover on front, buying information on back)
  • Hardcover Distribution through Ingramspark

I THINK I'm ready, but I'd like a 15-minute consultation first. Thanks!


"I just need to get my book out there! If I sell a lot of copies, great. If not, I’m cool.
I just have to do this!” 
Publish in 45-60 Days   


  • eBook distribution to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo & more
  • Paperback distribution through Amazon
  • Physical Proof Copy
  • 1-on-1 weekly author support via phone call or email
  • Full Color Book Cover Design (front, back, and spine)
  • Black & White interior+
  • Live Assistance as you Upload Files to Distributors for Publication    

+ Children’s books may include up to 32 images (provided by author), full color, at no additional formatting charge. Other books may include up to 10 images (provided by author) at no additional charge.
* Authors may order and use their own ISBNs if desired – Books with content that falls outside of the MLStimpson brand of Christian-friendly material  must use their own ISBNs.

   ​​​​​​You own ALL your master files!
You keep ALL your royalties!
You order your own copies with NO SURCHARGE!

Questions and Answers
Why “Guided” Publishing?
Often, an author contracts with a subsidy publisher who accepts their files and then—voila!—weeks or months later, they’re published. But the author has no idea how that happened, they don’t own their master files, and the company prices the book so high it can’t compete within its genre. On top of that, the author is forced to order books through the publisher (with a surcharge).

Guided publishing is for authors who want to walk through the publishing process with a veteran, maintain control and ownership of their books, participate in the process, and keep all of their royalties. Such authors usually have more than one book inside of them. They want to understand how files become books so they can publish more work in the future or even set up a publishing service to help others.

Am I ready for Guided Publishing?
Is your book finished (including editing, interior artwork or pictures, and permissions)? Does the manuscript exist in Microsoft Word® format? Are you ready to publish in the next 45-90 days? Do you have the funds available to purchase your package? If all your answers are “yes”, then let’s get started! If you answered “not yet” to any of these questions, hold off contacting Michelle until you’re ready.

Do you help authors publish children’s books?
Yes, the Guided Publishing service is for children’s books as well as chapter books.

What kinds of books can't be published with this service?
This service is not for erotica of any kind, horror, or books that fall outside of Amazon’s content policy guidelines ( ). Books that contain profanity, graphic sex or violence do not fit with the MLStimpson brand and Michelle's ISBNs cannot be used with those titles. The printers utilized in this service do not have capability to publishing graphic novels or novelty books with tactile elements (i.e. pop-up books).  During the initial consultation, Michelle will be sure to let you know if your book falls outside of her expertise.
How many books will I sell?
No publisher can make any promises about how many books you will sell. 

Who is Michelle Stimpson?
Michelle Stimpson is a multi-published, award-winning, and bestselling author of more than 40 books and 50 short stories. She has been published by major and mid-sized publishers since 2004, and she has been entrenched in the ever-changing independent publishing world since 2012. Michelle has helped dozens of authors publish their own books and looks forward to ushering in the next generation of successful authors. Visit her online at .

Will I be working directly with Michelle?
Yes. While she may subcontract some of the work, this service is one that requires personal contact. She can only accept a limited number of authors at once.

Do I have to be a computer whiz to do this?
If you have an email address, know how to attach documents to an email message, and know how to point-and-click a computer mouse, you’ll be fine. Remember: You’re not in this alone!

What if I don't finish publishing my book?
If, after paying for your service, you are forced to abandon the process, Michelle will figure the number of hours worked on your project @$50/hr + the cost of any images or sub-contracted work paid and deduct it from the package price paid to determine a fair refund. All materials produced and paid for up until that point are yours. If extenuating circumstances occur, Michelle is willing to negotiate something reasonable. She has a life, too!

I’m ready! What do I need to do?
  • If we met somewhere and we've already talked, purchase your package and Let's do this! 
  • Fill out the Author Questionnaire . Michelle will contact you to set up a 15-minute consultation.